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Stunna Reese is a kid from Chicago! He has truly experienced life on all sides of the city considering he grew up on the west side, moved to the north side, and then moved to the south side. As a kid, an interest in different motorsports vehicles, cars, and motorcycles began to spark and increase. Stunna Reese was strongly influenced by his dad who had Corvettes, Chevelle’s, and other “muscle cars”. His uncles and neighbors also had cool cars and Stunna Reese would work on the cars and help with maintenance right along with the vehicle owners. 


At 13, Stunna Reese got his first dirt bike and since then he has always owned some type of motor sports vehicle, car, bike, motorcycle, etc. When he turned 16, he bought his first car, painted it, put rims on it, and customized it. He traded up and the passion continued to grow. 


Stunna Reese started racing motorcycles professionally all across the country with a racing circuit called CCS (which is still going today). He went from amateur to expert and after 5 years started his own motor sports club call The #1 Stunnas. He, along with three other guys, founded The #1 Stunnas in 2003 and it is still growing. As of right now, there are 38 chapters worldwide and thousands of members. The motor sports club has made appearances with major artist such as Waka Flocka Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Twista, and R. Kelly in addition to many other artists. 


Since 2009, Stunna Reese has been doing car shows. He consistently brings out a large audience and a variety of vehicles. 

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“Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and put your own unique twist to whatever you drive."


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